Titebond Offers the Right Flooring Adhesive to Install All Types of Resilient Flooring

Titebond has developed a trio of adhesives to meet the specific requirements for installing various resilient floor coverings, from vinyl/rubber sheet goods to rubber and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) – including oily, highly plasticized LVT – in residential or commercial/industrial applications. Each adhesive offers its own combination of unique features and benefits. All are low in VOCs and environmentally safe.

Titebond 675 Acrylic Polymer LVT Flooring AdhesiveTitebond 675 Acrylic Polymer LVT Flooring Adhesive

Titebond 675 provides a strong, permanent bond to LVT flooring, including oily or highly plasticized LVT products, as well as to cork underlayment, solid vinyl/rubber sheet goods and stair treads. It can handle heavy traffic common to interior commercial, institutional and industrial installations.

Titebond 720 Contract Grade Commercial AdhesiveTitebond 720 Contract Grade Commercial Adhesive

Titebond 720 multipurpose, contractor-grade latex flooring adhesive that combines versatility and fast tack to help installers meet the demands of high-volume schedules. It speeds up installation of felt-back sheets and conventional carpets as well as cork and rubber tile. With fan assist, flooring can be installed in 10 to 20 minutes. Titebond 720 also offers the ideal bond strength for future tear-out of flooring.

Titebond 780 Premium Multi-Purpose Flooring AdhesiveTitebond 780 Premium Multi-Purpose Flooring Adhesive

Titebond’s most versatile flooring adhesive, Titebond 780 provides a strong, permanent bond to all types of carpet, felt-backed resilient sheet goods, cork rubber tile, LVT and LVT/plank. This latex-based adhesive stands out for its fast tack, easily cleanable when wet, strong and durable bond and excellent 24-hour re-bond properties. Check out a video showcasing Titebond 780 here.